Restore Your Hidden Beauty
and Self-confidence.

Restore Your
Hidden Beauty
& Self-confidence.

Abu Dhabi's Finest Aesthetic
& Cosmetic Hub

Beauty in One Clinic

Bioclinic’s finest aesthetic and well-being treatments are exclusively designed to empower you with a dose of self-confidence so that nothing can stop you from chasing your goals and fulfilling your ambitions.

Our dedicated team of professional and skilled dermatologists, general practitioners, and aestheticians at our Cosmetic Clinic in Abu Dhabi work passionately to provide customized aesthetic solutions according to modern aesthetic standards and the client’s preferred outcomes.

Through the ultimate combination of our teams’ expertise and advanced treatment modalities, we aim to liberate individuals from the body and skin-related insecurities and self-doubts that always restrict them from dreaming big despite having the ability to lead their circle. We simply believe in breaking all those barriers and overcoming insecurities that disturb an individual’s physical and mental well-being due to skin, body, or hair problems.

In that regard, Bio clinic is currently helping its client with a wide range of aesthetic services in the domain of beauty and laser, plastic surgery, aesthetic dermatology, and general well-being. Team Bio Clinic is passionate about enabling its clients to experience a desired aesthetic transformation journey and develop a positive body image.

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Our Services

Our team of expert dermatologist & technicians can provide you with the most effective beauty & laser hair removal in abu dhabi currently in the market such as:

o Best hydrafacial in Abu Dhabi

o Candela Laser Treament

o Dermapen / Skinpen

o Mesotherapy

Dermapen micro-needling treatment in Abu Dhabi

Our dermatologists can help you get the perfect skincare you desire by offering you services using cutting-edge technologies & services such as:

o Platelet Rich Plasma ( PRP )

Botox injection

o Micro dermabrasion

o Outpatient diagnosis, investigations, and treatments

Dermapen Treatment Before and After Result

Our General Practitioners at the aesthetic clinic abu dhabi offer comprehensive out-patient  routine services like preventive care, annual physical check-ups and immunizations.

o Health Screening

o Detection & Management of major & minor symptoms

o Routine Medical Check-Ups

o Flu Treatment

Aesthetic Clinic & IV Vitamin therapy in Abu Dhabi

Our plastic surgery department which includes best plastic surgeon in UAE provides microvascular, hand, reconstructive, burn and aesthetic surgery for patients with conditions arising from trauma, cancer, congenital deformity and burns

o Brachioplasty

o Reduction Mammoplasty

o Face lift

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Types of Treatments Available

o Beauty and laser – Leave it to our expert best plastic surgeon in UAE and technicians to provide you best services. We use cutting-edge technology and clinical experience to provide you with world-class solutions for all your skincare concerns.

o Dermatology – we can help you in removing acne, rosacea, and treat conditions like eczema, mole removal, etc.

o General Medicine – Each of our general medicine experts has a specialised academic interest, which provides them a thorough understanding of their area of specialisation. They also educate, ensuring that they are up to date on the most cutting-edge techniques and procedures in their field.

o Plastic surgery – Our plastic and reconstructive surgery department offers a wide range of cosmetic surgical procedures in addition to treating a wide range of diseases that call for reconstructive surgery after accidents or cancer.



BioClinic, the best cosmetic clinic in Abu Dhabi, offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic procedures and treatments. These include beauty and laserdermatology, general medicine, plastic surgery, etc. Whether you are looking for facial enhancements or body transformations, BioClinic’s expert team of cosmetic specialists can cater to your specific needs.

Yes, the doctors at BioClinic are highly experienced and qualified. They have go through rigorous training and have the ability in giving you the best treatment ever possible. Being the best cosmetic clinic in Abu Dhabi, our clinic makes sure that all the doctors meet the highest standards of expertise and professionalism, thereby giving the patients top-notch medical care possible.

At BioClinic, what we value the most in your convenience and always strive to provide easy access for appointments and inquiries. To schedule an appointment reach us directly either by call or visit our website and go to the contact us section.

The operating hours of the clinic may vary. Normally we work from Monday to Saturday from 10 AM to 9 PM.

Yes, we offer virtual consultations at BioClinic. We know the importance of convenience and accessibility and always value our customers. Through virtual consultations, you can connect with our healthcare professionals remotely, discuss your medical concerns, and receive professional guidance from the comfort of your own home. Please contact us to inquire about scheduling a virtual consultation and further details on how to proceed.

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